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Vehicle Counter Ambush

In this (1) day class, instructors will prepare you to shoot around, under, through and learn how to evac out of vehicles. Students will go through the entire vehicle, understanding what truly provides cover vs concealment, understanding of what stops rounds and what your rounds will penetrate through. Students will be able to shoot through the "V" of the door frame, side windows and through the front windshield as well as over and under a vehicle at the conclusion of this class. 

Topics Covered:

  • Ballistic Review

  • Breakdown of cover vs concealment around a vehicle 

  • Thin skin and up armored considerations 

  • Using a vehicle for cover

  • Shooting around, under and over a vehicle

  • Shooting positions 

  • Shooting through the door frame or "V"

  • Shooting through the side and front windshield

  • Actions on contact

  • Bailouts

Materials Needed:

  • 450 rounds of carbine (no green tip) & 300 rounds of pistol ammo

  • AR or AK style carbine w/ sling

  • Mag carriers for carbine | either on the belt or chest rig 

  • Pistol w/ holster

  • At least (3) mags of carbine and (3) mags of pistol 

  • Snacks | Water

  • Sunscreen | Hat | Weather Gear


  • Certified | Former | Retired - LEO / MIL / Corrections Officer 

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