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Low/No Light - Operator  

This (2) day class is focused around the 8 light principles of Low/ No light. Developed by Ken Good, these tactics have been proven time and time again. Students will be exposed to extensive Force on Force scenarios utilizing airsoft pistols with Red Dot optics. Understanding the applications of the principles in this class, we will enhance your abilities in a low light environment. Handheld flashlight techniques will be discussed, however it will not be the focus. We will be focused around tactics with handheld and weapon mounted lights.  

If you are interesting in hosting this class, here are the facilities we will need.

  • A building or shoot house where the lights can be shut off to create a dark environment during normal working hours. Building needs to be able to support Airsoft force on force. 

Topics Covered:

  • White Light Tactics

  • 8 Lighting Principles

  • OODA Loop / Levels of Awareness

  • Handheld Flashlight Techniques 

  • Positional Shooting

  • Use of Cover

  • Room Clearing

  • Force on Force Scenarios

Materials Needed:

  • Belt / Holster / Mag Pouch

  • Handheld Light  is a must/ Weapon light is optional

  • Eye Protection

  • Knee pads Highly recommended

  • Pen and Notepad 


  • Certified | Former | Retired - LEO / MIL / Corrections Officer 

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