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Skillz and Drillz

The goal of Skillz and Drillz is a focused practice for (4) hours on different skill sets for that session. Instructors will pick from a wide range of techniques and drills to challenge students in helping them reach their max potential. 


Topics Covered

*Note - Not all topics will be covered on each session

  • Student assessments

  • Shooting standards

  • Speed on the draw/ reloads

  • Acceptable sight picture

  • Trigger management and (3) trigger Pulls

  • Target transitions

  • Far target vs. close target engagements

  • Ready up drills

  • Rifle manipulations

  • Transition from rifle to pistol

  • Low light techniques

  • Night vision devices

  • Movement- starting/ stopping/ in transition

Materials Needed:

  • Will be posted for individual classes

Prerequisite: at least one of the following must be met:

-Must have completed at least a Pistol 1 class from a reputable company, OR must be proficient in draws, reloads and malfunctions (*class is fast paced)

-Military, Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer (certified, former or retired)

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