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February 25, 2019

Wright Shooting will offering shooting classes in 2019. Brandon has over 15 years of professional firearms instruction, is former LE, and has multiple National Titles in competition shooting. He can meet you where ever you are and can get you to the next level. Stay tuned to this link for an up to date schedule.


February 3, 2019

Good evening everyone.... If you haven’t been by our site recently, stop by and check us out, www.Wrightshooting.com. We are carrying more equipment, gear, and range materials that you might need while on the range. Let us know what you think?? how are the prices? How is the selection? 

We look forward to your feed back. <info@wrightshooting.com>

Also, as a subscriber be on the look out for some training opportunities here soon. We will post here first before anywhere else to give you the opportunity to sign up, FIRST !! Tha...

April 19, 2018

RE Factor Tactical has spent some time putting together a great blog on the VA Home Loan buying process.  Basically they went out and did all the research on the most common questions asked from anyone looking to use a VA Home Loan and put the answers in one easy blog.  If you're looking to use a home loan anytime in the future, I suggest going to https://www.refactortactical.com/pages/best-va-loans

December 17, 2016

Hey guys, we have added our "Pistol Standards" to the website. They are located at the bottom of the site. You can download a copy and see how you compare to the times we call "standards". Post your scores to social media and tag us in them. @wrightshooting


July 4, 2016

Every year on the fourth of July we take the usual steps to ensure a proper celebration. We purchase the best in grilling food options, we invite our fellow proud Americans over to join in the celebration, we display the red, white and blue and decide whether we will take the finale to a public venue or whether we will ignite our passions at home. However this year an awesome addition to our celebration! 

Welcome to the birth of our new site, proudly launched on the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independ...

July 4, 2016

One handed reloads are a skill very rarely practiced. Its a must should you use the use of your hand for what ever reason during an engagement. Here are some of the finer points to a one hand reload.

First things first, find COVER !! In this video you can see that we use the holster to secure the pistol. Of course there are other ways to complete this technique however, this is the method used. Once your pistol goes dry:

1. Use the holster to secure it

2. Reach across your body and grab a fresh magazine

3. Insert the magazine


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