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Custom Built Classes

Let Wright Shooting build a class to fit your needs. We can put together a (1) to (5) day shooting package for you to help develop your Instructors or Unit. We specialize in building shooters up and taking basic skills to advanced levels in a short amount of time. Take a look below for some of the course material we can do for you. 

Existing classes to build off of:

Advanced Pistol

Beyond Patrol Rifle 

Competitive Pistol for LE

Lights Out !!

Low Light - Operator 

Low Light - Instructor 

Pistol Mounted Optics - Instructor

Vehicle Counter Ambush

Who are we teaching:

  • Military / LE / Security Professionals 

  • Instructor Development

  • Train the Trainer

  • Special Unit / SWAT 

  • Mission specific needs

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