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Beyond Patrol Rifle - (2) Day 

The Beyond Patrol Rifle class will bring your shooting to the next level by building your confidence, speed, and efficiency. Be prepared to have an exceptional understanding of your own rifle skills through time standards and reps.This (2) day class will go well beyond the basics of a standard patrol rifle class as we take the time to build each student up around the fundamentals of shooting and prepare them for real world encounters. 


Topics Covered:

  • Fundamentals of shooting a carbine

  • Ready Positions + Time Standards

  • Driving the carbine

  • Positional Shooting + Time Standards

  • Malfunctions

  • Reloads - tactical vs. emergency

  • Weapon transitions

  • Target transitions 

  • Turns and pivots 

  • Use of cover 

  • Shooting on the move

Materials Needed:

  • 750 rounds of carbine (no green tip) & 150 rounds of pistol ammo

  • AR or AK style carbine w/ sling

  • Mag carriers for carbine | either on the belt or chest rig 

  • Pistol w/ holster 

  • At least (3) mags of carbine and (3) mags of pistol 

  • Snacks | Water

  • Sunscreen | Hat | Weather Gear


  • Certified | Former | Retired - LEO / MIL / Corrections Officer 

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