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Introducing the offical Wright Shooting Training Target. This target has been specifically designed to support our Pistol Mounted Optics class. Most of the drills we do in class can now all be done on one target. If your department is making the transition over to red dots, this target and our class will help form your training program. You will find that the targets get progressively bigger to build speed and smaller to build accuracy. 


Email us HERE for large Agency orders.


Breakdown of Drills


#1 - Accuracy Irons / Dot

#2 - #3 - Presentations 

#4 - Draws from the Holster 

#5 - Zero Dot (4" circle)

#6 - #9 - Confidence in dot placement 

#10 - "T" Box


#1 - #10 - Different size targets to work on cadence, trigger pulls, and acceptable sight pictures. 

Wright Shooting Training Target

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