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" I find that the TacRack is a much more stable platform for one-handed weapon operation than a rear sight. I have successfully used it on the belt, the holster, the boot, and even just catching it on the pants".

- GA Police Officer


TacRack has been created to assist shooters with better manipulation of the gun when racking the slide, reloading or clearing malfunctions. TacRack is a small accessory that replaces the existing rear slide end cap on semi-auto striker fire guns. Whether using just one hand or two, TacRack can be instrumental in developing speed and technique.


TacRacks are completely cutomizable with engraving. Whether its your call sign, your station number, your initials or any other symbol that could make your TacRack that much better we can accomodate almost any request.  It's easy, just decide what you want and put the description in your order.  If its something a bit complicated all you have to do is submit your questions with your order.  No matter what it is someone will be in touch via email to discuss it further.  

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