The 4th of July and A New Look!

Every year on the fourth of July we take the usual steps to ensure a proper celebration. We purchase the best in grilling food options, we invite our fellow proud Americans over to join in the celebration, we display the red, white and blue and decide whether we will take the finale to a public venue or whether we will ignite our passions at home. However this year an awesome addition to our celebration!

Welcome to the birth of our new site, proudly launched on the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence! A day that stirs up so much pride, conviction and solidarity for the greatest nation on this amazing planet! We have put a good amount of work into our site giving it a fresh look, featuring some cool products and updating our blog to showcase all things unique in the shooting world. We are also giving TacRack a new home all its own! TacRack is quickly becoming one of the hottest firearm accessories on the market and is proudly the invention of Wright Shooting and Borke Molde Specialists. I could go on about how great this new site is but I would rather turn my computer off, go grab some watermelon, kick my feet up and wrap my arms around one of my kiddo's. I want to bask in our hard fought freedoms and pay homage to all of those Americans who fought and died for them. I will say a prayer of gratitude to God for blessing our nation and our lives. I will hold my right hand over my heart and wholeheartedly pledge allegiance to this nation under God and proudly put it on our blog for all to read. Happy 4th of July to all, check out our new look and celebrate with pride!

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