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How to do a One Hand Reload

One handed reloads are a skill very rarely practiced. Its a must should you use the use of your hand for what ever reason during an engagement. Here are some of the finer points to a one hand reload.

First things first, find COVER !! In this video you can see that we use the holster to secure the pistol. Of course there are other ways to complete this technique however, this is the method used. Once your pistol goes dry:

1. Use the holster to secure it

2. Reach across your body and grab a fresh magazine

3. Insert the magazine

4. Let the slide go forward

Now you can use the slide lock to the release the slide, however we believe in gross motor skills and rely on our #TacRack to get the slide forward. We prefer the TacRack over the sights because the sights are so important for accuracy. Who wants to take the chance of ripping them off or moving them off zero? TacRack allows you to rack your slide off anything; holster, plate carrier, cover, or even the bad guys teeth !

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