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The goal of the Advanced Pistol Class is to bring your shooting to the next level. Whether your a Law Enforcement Officer or a Competition Shooter, the fundamentals apply the same, be fast and accurate. We will walk you through learning the balance of speed and accuracy through proven techniques in shooting. 


Topics Covered:

  • Student Assessment

  • Speed on the Draw / Reloads

  • Acceptable Sight Picture

  • Trigger Management | (3) Trigger Pulls

  • Target Transitions

  • Far Target vs. Close Target engagements

Materials Needed:

  • 500 rounds of pistol for a (4) hour class | 1000 rounds for a (8) hour class

  • Pistol

  • Holster | Mag pouch

  • At least (3) mags

  • Snacks | Water

  • Sunscreen | Hat | Weather Gear


  • You must have attended at least a Pistol 1 class from a reputable company. 

  • Know how to draw, reload, and fix malfunctions

  • Certified | Former | Retired - LEO / MIL / Corrections Officer 

Advanced Pistol

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