Firearms Training 

Brandon Wright, lead instructor, has a background both in Law Enforcement and is a accomplished Professional shooter, Team Smith & Wesson. Brandon started in 1998 as a Law Enforcement officer and left in 2006 to work as a full time Firearms Instructor for a Military contractor. He has worked with over 10,000 students in his career. Working with students who have never fired a firearm to the most advanced level of SWAT and Military Special Operations groups. Brandon has reached the level of Grandmaster in USPSA and Distinguished Master in IDPA. He currently holds (5) National Titles and over (40) Area, State, Sectional, and Regional match wins. 

Brandon draws from his time on the road, SWAT and years of working with all levels of shooters to bring you the most efficient training methods that will up your game. Whether you are a "tactical" shooter looking to better your skills or try to make the next level in USPSA / IDPA, Brandon can meet your needs. 

Brandon Wright - Firearms Instructor
Advanced Pistol Skills

If your looking to find the class to get you to the next level this is it. Whether your a Law Enforcement Officer or a Competition Shooter, the fundamentals apply the same. Brandon will walk you through the learning the balance of speed and accuracy. Bring your Pistol, range gear, and 500 rounds for a (4) hour block or bring 1000 for a (8) block. 

  • Student Assessment

  • Speed on the Draw / Reloads

  • Acceptable Sight Picture

  • Trigger Management

  • Target Transitions

  • Far Target vs. Close Target engagements.

Prerequisite: Safe to handle your firearm / Can load and unload your firearm / Can draw from a holster / Pistol Level 1 from another professional instructor preferred. 

Pistol Mounted Optics

Is your department moving or looking to move over to Pistol Mounted Optics and you need training on the How To?? In this (2) Day class we will walk you through how to navigate running a slide mounted optic on your handgun. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a red dot, help you navigate obstacles like water/fog/mud, and build your confidence in the use of your optic. A must have class if your every day carry is equipped with a red dot. 

  • Zeroing distances

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of a PMO

  • Gun Setup

  • Use of Suppressor Sights

  • Overcoming Potential Obstacles

  • Acceptable Sight Picture

  • One Handed Operations

  • Shooting on the Move

  • Low Light Techniques 

  • Basic & Advanced Shooting Techniques

  • Use of Cover

Bring 1200 rounds, a notepad, handheld flashlight or weapon mounted and gun WITH red dot mounted on it / range gear.

Prerequisite: Safe to handle your firearm / Can load and unload your firearm / Can draw from a holster 

Brandon Wright PMO Class
Private Lessons 

If your department is looking to have Brandon put together a custom course and work with your Firearms Instructors or Officers, please email us below. Brandon can build basic to instructor level training programs to meet your needs. Let us know how we can help.